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Happy New Year 2024 from our Red Shoe Team!

"Red Shoe experiences stand out…. Like a pair of red shoes!"
- Lonnie Maine

At the Best Western Premier Winnipeg, Red Shoe Service is a visual recognition of an outstanding guest service superstar who continually stands out as being an AWESOME host in hospitality and with care for our guest’s needs.

At the Best Western Premier Winnipeg, we pride ourselves in providing the very best in friendly, caring, and efficient service. We have hired wonderful hospitality associates working from the heart of the house to department team leaders. All continually strive to deliver an awesome guest experience.

To recognize the very best among us, we have introduced Red Shoe Service. We present a pair of Red Shoe Converse Sneakers to our superstars as a symbol of their outstanding delivery of the best in guest service and their dedication and support for the rest of our hospitality team. Award winners also wear Converse Sneakers lapel pins as additional symbols for the award winners.


Meet Our Team

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