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welcome to best western winnipeg

Meet The Owners

Meet Sherwood and Elaine Sharfe


Sherry as he prefers to be called, is the mastermind behind the Best Western Premier Winnipeg East. From a young man building and owning a hotel is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

To pay for his university education, Sherry’s summer job was working on the rail passenger cars as a waiter Having spent years balancing trays of food through moving rail cars, Sherry earned an understanding of the deep connection between Transcona and the rail industry.  

Graduating from the University of Manitoba law school, Sherry went on to practice in Winnipeg with Lawrence, Sansome and Sharfe. During his years practicing law, he continued to foster a deep desire to make a difference in his hometown community and knew he could fulfill that life-long dream through this dream project. His early experiences have played a pivotal part in the creation of the unique rail theme that will be felt throughout the hotel, from the mural that greets visitors in the lobby, to the artwork in the rooms.

On behalf of Sherry, and everyone at the hotel, we cannot wait to welcome you to our new favourite place!

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